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1 year ago
My stepmom wouldn't even make me lunch
Yes 1 year ago
A good stepmom is when you tell her to kiss your ass she tells you to drop your drawers and bend over. Next thing you know her tongue in your asshole and she's jerking your dick. She doesn't let you pull your pants up until you pimp a load of cum either into her asshole, mouth and / or pussy. VBood Stepmom!
what the fuck 1 year ago
this is some weird stuff
Steve 1 year ago
Love getting a good rimjob!!!
Kurt 1 year ago
What a lucky boy! I still remember my mom feeling me up in my pants as a boy.
Aaaaaaaaaa! 1 year ago
Marry her lol
Mr cruise 8 months ago
She is probably over seas lmao dam I would blown three times if that was me
Fred 1 year ago
Would love to fuck her
Bout ta nut 6 months ago
There’s so much to like about this. I can think about my stepmom doing this to me. Or my girlfriend doing this to my teenage son. Call me doing it to her son who I catch whacking off. Any of it works.
Pinky 3 months ago
She can rim my Pink asshole and milk my white cock any time