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2 years ago
I was doing the same thing ;) it feels good in my pussy I am home alone I can do it all night bye ahhhh~
Yum 2 years ago
This feels so good. It really sucks your pussy so well. My boyfriend doesn’t know I use our vacuum to make my cunt explode.
2 years ago
2 years ago
this is an extremely powerful dyson vacuum cleaner
mister b 2 years ago
great way to use a dyson...wish she'd come utilize my dyson like this!
1 year ago
is this the reason why my daughter likes to clean up when she is home alone? :-o
Jim 2 years ago
Nice very hot
7 months ago
When i did this i thought my pusst was gonna come out
Ohh no 2 years ago
Now I know why the vacuum Handel was tacky and look glaze over. Lol
MeXico420 5 months ago
As sexy as that is, she should have at least cleaned out that vacuum and sterilized the hose. And also that banana