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PhD cocktologist 2 years ago
That's not healthy that could cause permanent damage to the penis.
Thehunghunter 1 year ago
Great looking hot throbbing pumped cock getting worked on to shoot a huge load of thick jizz!
jippy 1 year ago
like when girlfriend uses my cock with pump
2 years ago
This is stupid! Yes! This does cause damage!
Fuck you deviantart! 1 year ago
I can't believe you introduced this trash to me and I want it out of my mind.
Butch 2 years ago
Dude has a small dick
2 years ago
Why is his cock so red
pero que acabado de ver 2 years ago
a la verga le va a salir sangre en vez de semen a ese man
Picopalquelee 2 years ago
Cocainalandia 1 year ago
Ay gonorrea